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And so we begin our foray into being an actual by-gosh publisher! We're the same people who have been bringing you Krypton Radio for the past 10+ years, and in that time we have grown from a tiny experiment begun in an MMO to being the largest and most popular pop and...

‘The Inspector’, by John R. White

John R. White is the author of the Airship Neverland series of steampunk fantasy novels. This story, The Inspector, is a new, previously unpublished work representing some of the back story of villain in the series’ third book, TALES OF THE AIRSHIP NEVERLAND Volume III: DUST AND ASH.

‘Studio Time’ by Thaddeus Howze

You never know where your favorite characters’ voices might actually come from – new story story by Thaddeus Howze.

‘Frozen Heart Homecoming’ by Laurence Raphael Brothers

Crewman Steinberg encounters the unknown in this WWII airman’s story.

‘The Witness’, by Sidney Fraser

A tragedy in space leaves a young girl fighting for survival in this Sidney Fraser original.

‘The Devil’s Lettuce’, by Thaddeus Howze

“Look, I know you have lots of questions, and sooner or later we will answer them all, but right now, let’s deal with that raging emptiness in your newly reconstituted belly. Agreed?”

Helium Beach is the science fiction / fantasy publishing imprint of Krypton Media Group, the same folks who bring you SCIFI.radio.

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